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The future of touch.

Experience high definition shape changing haptic feedback for the first time. Fluid Reality makes compact actuator components for consumer and enterprise electronic devices.

Fluid Reality is a spinout company from technology developed at the Future Interfaces Group at Carnegie Mellon University.

Technology to Touch Virtual Reality

We've created a first-of-its-kind glove to touch virtual reality. It has 160 dynamic haptic feedback actuators to provide high resolution touch to your fingertips. It's fully wireless and lightweight, and it allow you to feel detail like you've never before imagined possible, like individual strings on a violin.

Inside the Glove

Inside the glove, there are high resolution fingerpad arrays for each fingertip. These arrays are like displays for your skin. Each one can imprint tactile images on your skin like pixels on a screen.

At the Fingertip

The fingerpad arrays can display contact, edges, shapes, and a wide variety of textures to bring virtual objects to life.

How it works

The Technology

The System

The compact nature of the technology allows it to provide better haptic feedback while also minimizing size and complexity. We built this prototype glove using off-the-shelf components like a Raspberry Pi. Fully integrated products have the opportunity to be even more compact and lightweight. Because it's thin, we used built-in optical hand tracking, and standard Unity integrations.

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